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Mandala of the Eight Dreamers

Dreamed 2007/9/16 by Jenny Badger Sultan.


I have been going to a group called Culture Dreaming, in which a ring of people pool their dream images into one collective dream. This painting is a portrait of the images from one Culture Dreaming session. I've painted my own dreams in many ways, but this is my first try at painting the dreams of a group like this.

An acrylic mandala painted by Jenny Badger Sultan. Blue tile-like background; red ring of mountains cradles a bluegreen ring of snakes and human figures; eight meditating silhouettes on gold surround a scarab beetle on blue and gold in the center. Click to enlarge
Here is my own dream:

The Eight

I'm at an outdoor gathering. People are getting food and sitting down to eat. When I get up, a woman puts her food down on my chair. She says she'll remove it when I come back to sit down. Then she says, "I know all about you," and tells me things about my life. I'm puzzled. How could she know so much about me? She says she's part of a secret network of eight people who share information and personal things. There are many such groups all around the world--a hidden, occult network. I'm amazed. How could I have reached my age and never have known about this? A friend says that she's a part of one of these groups, too, and that she once told me about it but I didn't pay attention. She says they spend time writing and sharing personal information. They try to get people from different parts of the world to participate. I think it sounds wonderful--but maybe it would take away from the energy that I need for my art.

Acrylic painting by Jenny Badger Sultan. Dream image: calm seated figure in red and yellow.
To respect the group's privacy, I won't detail the dreams of other group members, but many of them shared very similar imagery: groups, meditation and magic, circles and spheres.
Acrylic painting by Jenny Badger Sultan of a mother scarab on a blue background; dream image.

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