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Fluid Dream Connections:
Pods of Whales and Children

Dreamed 2003-2007 by Jenny Badger Sultan

Fluid Dream Connections is a canvas made of small paintings stitched together. At least half of them are dream images.
19 acrylic paintings by Jenny Badger Sultan, stitched together. Most depict dream images. Click to enlarge.

Here are close-ups of a couple of the dreams:

"It's a Dirigible, No, a Whale, in the Sky"
March 14, 2007; the previous night, I'd had no sleep Acrylic painting by Jenny Badger Sultan of a dream: bulldogs guard a beach as whales swim in the sky

Hank and I are at the beach with the kids, who are small again. The beach feels immense--big slopes sweep down to the water. It all feels extraordinary. Many people are on the beach. I think we go in the water, and then we're on the sand. I tell someone "This is the second time we've come to this stretch of beach; usually we go to an area further down." I mean to the left as we face the ocean--could be south. I add "I like this part, because there are little dogs who stand at the water's edge and make sure you don't get harmed by the waves." They look like small English bulldogs.

I look up in the sky and see a huge form. At first I think it is a whale, but that seems impossible, so I interpret it as a dirigible. I shout to people "Look up, look up, it's a dirigible!" As we all look up, more of these huge shapes appear--the way they move tells they are alive. It seems whales and other huge sea mammals are swimming in the sky as if it were the water and we are underwater looking up. It is amazing.

Then we're all given questionnaires. When we turn them in, they'll be looked at and if we got the answers right we'll get paid. Hank comes towards us saying happily "I took my questionnaire to the office and I got all the answers right. Look, they gave me $100!" This is great--now we just have to retrieve Leon's, which has been turned in, and take ours to the office and see if we have won too.

Acrylic painting by Jenny Badger Sultan of a dream: in a plaza of reddish stone, children sit in a tight circle, wearing pointed green hood, like seedpods.
Dream of the Pods of Children
November 8, 2003

Hank and I are going around the city doing various things. In large open places where there are many people we see circles of children, sitting close, with their heads together. They wear little hats or hoods of a fuzzy material--all alike--kind of an ochre green, maybe a little bit peaked. They look like seed pods. It is remarkable and unusual. There may be different color configurations--maybe denoting boys or girls. I wonder if they're tour-groups of children from a foreign country and this is the formation they were instructed to use.

We see one of these groups of children in a large, crowded plaza. We look at them intently. I think we have another friend with us. We are speculating about the children. I say "I think they are from Central Asia."

A girl from the group sees our interest, and sends a pale pink piece of paper over to us that explains a bit about who these children are. However it's not very clear. Detail of

Playing Soccer with a Plum and the Young Hoods
February 27, 2007

I am outdoors in a public place, like a beach or a plaza. There are many people walking around, doing things--I just watch and am amazed by the variety, the movement, the activity--it is dazzling.

I find a small hard plum and I start a game of kicking it around with 2 or 3 boys around 11 or 12. The boys are dressed in baggy clothes, hooded sweatshirts. One or more of them is African American. We are fairly close together and pass the plum with our feet, scuffle to try to get it away, etc.--kind of a soccer-like game.

Finally we don't see the plum anymore--has it gotten lost in the scuffle? One of the boys has picked it up and hands it to me.

I look at it in my hand and say "Isn't it amazing that after all of that, it is still whole!"

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